Match Results


Bramley v CGBC - Wednesday 8th August

We had to play Rinks because owing to watering difficulties Bramley's green 

was in very poor condition, with one rink unplayable.

The result of the match was a win for the home side by 22 shots, 

Colin S (skip), Lynn, Gary, Sofia: 5-24

Lawrie (skip), Peter, Johnathan, Sue: 10-22

 John Rv (skip), Ann, Margaret, Tim: 22-13 (our only win!)

Bramley 59 shots - CGBC 37 shots 


CGBC v Pippbrook - Sunday 5th August

At home against Pippbrook we gained revenge for the 1 shot loss in the away fixture, 

 winning a close fought match by 6 shots

Colin, Julie, David (Tu)         14 – 17

Gary, Jonathan, Monica        20 – 14

Paul, Tim, Nick                    14 – 11

CGBC  48 shots – Pippbrook 42 shots


Ewhurst v CGBC- Saturday 4th August

On Saturday at Ewhurst we lost by 25 shots overall, losing on all 4 rinks, although two of them quite closely:

Jill, Lawrie, Colin D            15 – 18
Paul, Ann, Tim                   15 – 23
Colin S, David (Ta), Sue     13 – 23
Brian, Patrick, Joan            16 – 20

This actually was a better result than we managed at home against Ewhurst, 

when we lost by more than 40 shots despite the match being abandoned 2/3 of the way through 

because it was so cold! That seems a distant memory now.

Ewhurst 84 shots - CGBC 59 shots


Bourne v CGBC - Saturday 28th July

On a nice cool afternoon (first in along time) we managed a draw playing away against Bourne: 61-61

 Ann L (skip), Jonathan, Tim: 7-32

Peter (skip), Sue, Margaret: 14-22

Colin S (skip), Lynn, Sofia: 40-7

 Bourne 61 shots - CGBC 61 shots


CGBC v Victory Park, Addlestone -  Sunday 22nd July

We won when we went up to Victory Park have returned the compliment,

 though here we did manage to win on one green, just!  Scores as follows:

Lawrie, Vivien, Nick        12 – 11

John R, Patrick, Sue         14 – 25

So overall a defeat by 10 shots.

CGBC 26 shots – Victory park 36 shots


CGBC v Bramley - Wednesday 18th July

We managed a good win over Bramley at home this evening, 
with the overall difference being +18 shots. 

John R (skip), Lynn, Ann: 22-9 (after being 8-4 down at 8 ends - what a comeback!).

Lawrie (skip), Peter, Tim: 19-12 having led almost all the way.

Colin S (skip), Gary, Sue: 14-16 (after being 12-5 down at 11 ends - a good comeback).

CGBC 55 shots - Bramley 37 shots


CGBC v Petersfield - Saturday 14th July

We had a disappointing result against Petersfield, losing by 24 shots overall.

We held a narrow lead when we stopped for tea.

Individual team scores were as follow:

  Colin S (skip), Lynn, Nick/Julie     11 – 24

Patrick (skip), Colin D, Monica     9 – 20

Peter (skip), Ann, David              21 - 13

John R (skip), Sue Tim                 10 – 18

CGBC 51 shots – Petersfield 75 shots


CGBC v Saltdean - Sunday 8th July

We had a good win at home on Sunday afternoon, in the baking heat, against Saltdean. 

We won on three rinks out of four, with the overall difference being +34 shots

Colin S, Julie, Joan           21 – 16

Jill, Patrick, Tim               16 – 12

John R, David (Taylor)     33 – 7

Paul, Sue, Nick               17 – 18

Colin’s team staged an impressive recovery to win after being 10 – 0 down

 after the first 5 ends, and 13 – 4 down at the tea break;

 Jill’s and Paul’s teams both had close matches; John and David had an easier time of it.

CGBC 87 shots - Saltdean 53 shots


CGBC v Billingshurst - Sunday 1st July

This return match was  again a close match and a small defeat for us, by 14 shots overall.

Colin S, Ann, Nick: 13-16

Viv, Colin D, Joan: 14-20

Brian, Julie, Dennis: 6-22 (against Betty, who is their secret weapon) 

Lawrie, Su and Tim: 21-10

CGBC 54 shots Billingshurst 68 shots


Brockham v CGBC - Saturday 30th June

We lost on Saturday at Brockham, after having held a narrow lead at the tea break.

 Scores as follows:

Colin, Sue, Tim        17 – 12

Rob, Peter, Sophia    19 – 25

Patrick, Lynn, Joan    6 – 23 (at tea the score was 4 -5!!)

Brockham 60 shots - CGBC 42 shots


Puttenham & Wanborough v CGBC - Wednesday 27th June

On very pleasant evening we played a match of three triples against 
Puttenham & Wanborough. Shirley was the captain for the match
and we managed a win overall by 3 shots.

Teams: Shirley (skip), Vivien, Lawrie 17-9 

John (skip), David, Lynn  12-12 

 Brian (skip), Peter, Sue. 14-19

Puttenham & Wanborough 40 shots - CGBC 43 shots


Billingshurst v CGBC - Sunday 24th June

We needed to borrow one player for this match of four triples,
 but in the heat of the day and on a very challenging green
we lost the match by quite a large margin overall, 52 shots.

John R, Tim, Joan           9 – 30
Patrick, Peter, Monica    9 – 26
Gary, Lynn, John(borrowed player)        11 – 17
Lawrie, Sue, David        15 – 23

Billingshurst 96 shots - CGBC 44 shots



CGBC v Chobham  - Wednesday 4th July

On  a really warm and sticky afternoon this turned out to be a very close match, 
with Chobham Ladies winning overall by just one shot.

Shirley (skip), Margaret, Ann   14 - 9
Jill (skip), Lynn, Sue    8 - 14

CGBC 22 shots - Chobham 23 shots



Woodbridge Hill v CGBC - Tuesday 14th August

This was a tough one against Woodbridge Hill away, who are leading the league table

  Rob Williams (skip), P Plummer , L Briggs: 8 - 28

C Summerhays (skip),  J Reeves, J Phillips  14 -24

Woodbridge Hill 52 shots - CGBC 22 shots


CGBC v Burpham - Tuesday 7th August

Despite winning on one rink, we lost the match overall by 10 shots.

R Williams (skip), J Reeves , L Briggs: 14 - 12

                                                                    C Summerhays (skip),  P Plummer, D Taylor: 9 - 21                                                                         

CGBC 23 shots - Burpham 33 shots


Merrow v CGBC - Tuesday 31st July

Castle Green managed a win on one rink and took the match overall by 7 shots.

That makes 4 points for CGBC and this result has moved us up to 4th in the table.

Rink 1: R Williams (skip), P plummer, L Briggs: 24-10 

Rink 2: C Summerhayes (skip), G Draper, B West: 11-18 

Merrow28 shots - CGBC 35 shots 


Ripley v CGBC - Tuesday 24th July

Our first visit to Ripley and unfortunately not quite the outcome we hoped for.

       Rob Williams (skip), John Reeves,  Lawrie Briggs     15 - 20

Colin Summerhayes (skip), Gary Draper, John Phillips  15 - 13

Ripley 33 shots - CGBC 30 shots


CGBC v Stoke Park v CGBC - Tuesday 10th July

A win on one rink but a loss on the other and overall losing the match by 6 shots

Rob Williams (skip), John Reeves, John Phillips  21 - 14

Colin Summerhays (skip),  Paul Plummer, David Taylor    11 - 24  


Stoke Park 38 shots - CGBC 32 shots


CGBC v Albury - Tuesday 3rd July

We started well in this match only for it all to change after tea and losing overall by 7 shots.

 Rob Williams (skip), Peter Smith,  Lawrie Briggs  15 -17

        Colin Summerhays (skip),  Paul Plummer, Tim Sampson    11 - 16

CGBC 26 shots - Albury 33 shots


Godalming v CGBC - Tuesday 19th June

Another very good side to play and unfortunately we could only manage a draw on one rink, 

losing on the other and the match overall by 10 shots

  Rob Williams (skip), John Reeves, John Phillips        16 - 26         

 Paul Plummer (skip), David Taylor, Brian West       17 - 17


Godalming 43 shots - CGBC 33 shots



CGBC v Holloway Hill - Monday 11th June 

A very good home win against the ladies from Holloway Hill - overall difference +7

Jill (skip), Lynn, Sue S  22 - 12
Shirley (skip), Margaret, Julie  13 - 16

CGBC 35 shots - Holloway Hill 28 shots






                                  Pl           Won          Lost         Dr          Shots         Shots         Diff                                  Pts          Position

                                                                                                for             against

Holloway Hill             10          7                2              1            218            152            66                                 15                1

Ewhurst                     10          7                2              1            198            157            41                                 15                2               

Burpham                   10          6                3              1            175            155            20                                  13                3

Seale & Sands           10          3                5              2            155            171            -16                                  8                 4               

Stoke Park               # 8          2                5              1            134            186            -52                                  5                 5

Castle Green              10          2                8              -            136            195            -59                                  4                 6               

Please note that Stoke Park were unable to make up a team on two occasions, and I have shown them as playing only 8 games.

Their opponents were each awarded 2 points and 15 shots and I have shown them as having played that game.



Fish and Chip Supper Drive - Saturday 11th August

We had great fun on Saturday playing our usual 4 ends then winners move up.

Ann and her partner, Sue's brother Brian, won the wooden spoon,

and the competition overall was won by Rob, playing with John Reeves and Margaret.

They scored the same number of shot wins (7) as Shirley's team (including Monica and Colin D), 

but won on total ends won (8 vs Shirley's 7 - a close run thing. 

Afterwards we enjoyed a fish n chip supper, and celebrated Colin Downham's birthday with a cake and candles.

 Pat's table won the quiz, one point ahead of Ann Bailey's table. A good time was had by all.


President's Evening - Saturday 21st July

Message from John Reeves

Dear Friends, 

Thank you to all who were able to support last night’s gathering.

 It was so good to see you all there and I had a great and memorable evening, 

not only for skipping the team who won the much coveted prize of the wooden spoon, 

but enjoying your company, in the wonderful grounds of the Castle.

 A big thank you to Shirley, Vivien, Jill, Sue and all who helped to provide a mouth-watering supper

 and plenty of Pimm’s. Also thanks to Colin for organizing the competition.

I feel very lucky to be part of this great club, and amazed to think 

such a small club as ours has the ability to also arrange

 a fly past by the Red Arrows in this the 100th anniversary year of the founding of the RAF. 

 Well I suppose if the can do it the Queen they can do it for CGBC. (and the band played believe it if you like).

 My, my, what an evening to remember!!

Best wishes



John Frith Memorial Competition - Sunday 27th May

On a lovely and unexpectedly sunny afternoon, 17 of us enjoyed the delights of bowling for fun. 

With the help of some guests we raised about £78 for the club on this John Frith Memorial day.

 Well done! And thank you to Jonathan for providing the spider prize (as usual, a bottle of some fermented product).


Our rounds of 4 ends then the winner moves up provided the followingscores:

Jill, Tim and Monica: 16-9

John R, and Sue's brother Brian: 21-14

Brian W, Ann L and Nick: 19-28

Colin S, Sue and Jonathan: 11-14

Viv, Julie and David Tu:17-15

Paul, Lawrie and Colin D: 11-15


We had two teams with the same winning margin, 7 points,

 but Jill's team won more ends, so got the Penguin biscuit trophies.

 Brian and his trusty crew got the wooden spoon and kitkats.


Captain v President - Sunday 13th May

This annual game was a men versus the ladies drive with 
a pre-royal wedding theme added.

A really good afternoon was had by all with the men's team 
coming out on top.

The team with the best scores on the day was
one led by Colin Summerhayes with Tim sampson and Peter Smith

(Photos from the day are on the Photo Gallery page)