Match Results


Victory Park, Addlestone v CGBC - Saturday 16th June

A great comeback by both of our teams and a win on both rinks.

John, Gary, Sue    18 – 13 
Laurie, Patrick, Joan    18 – 15

Victory Park 28 shots - CGBC 36 shots


Stoke Park v CGBC - Sunday 10th June

On a hot and sultry afternoon today at Stoke Park, CGBC regained the Millennium Trophy
 We were 4 triples, winning two and losing two, but winning by 16 shots overall. 

Individual team scores as follows:
Rob, Julie, Tim                  17 – 18
Jill, Gary, Joan                   19 – 22
Brian, Vivien, Patrick          20 – 11
Colin S, John R, Nick           20 – 9

Stoke Park 60shots - CGBC 76 shots


East Horsley v CGBC - Saturday 9th June

A very enjoyable match at East Horsley, but sadly another loss overall.
 Castle Green, won  on one rink but lost on the other two.

Peter (skip), Ann, Tim    19-16
Colin S (skip), Lynn, Joan     12-19
Patrick(skip), Colin D, Diane    15-21       

East Horsley 56 shots - CGBC 46 shots


CGBC v Westfield - Wednesday 6th June

Our second meeting with Westfield this season, this time at home.
Congratulations to Yvonne for taking part in her first game.
Lawrie (skip) , Ann, Yvonne 
Margaret (skip), Julie, Joan 
Jill (skip), David, Nick 

CGBC 40 shots - Westfield 64 shots


CGBC v Milford -Sunday 3rd June

On a lovely sunny June 3rd afternoon, we managed to beat Milford by 7 shots overall.

 The difference was larger at tea, but the visitors were learning our green 

and started to catch up. But not enough.


Rink 1. Colin S, Lawrie, Jonathan: 18-16 

Rink 2: Jill, Jule, Tim: 22-9

 Rink 3: Paul, David Ta, Monica: 13-15 

Rink 4: Rob, Margaret, David Tu: 9-15.

CGBC 62 shots  - Milford 55 shots


Westfield v CGBC - Saturday 26th May

This matched was reduced from four to three triples, but 
all of those who played had a really good afternoon, with the 
weather being very warm and sunny.

At the end Westfield won the match by the close margin of three shots 
despite Castle Green winning on two rinks.

Brian (skip), Lynn, Patrick    18 – 17
Shirley(skip), Ann, Peter    15 – 23
John(skip), David, Margaret    20 – 16

Westfield 56 shots - CGBC 43 shots


CGBC v Brockham - Sunday 20th May

We had an enjoyable game against Brockham on a beautiful sunny afternoon, 

though the usual pleasant strains from the bandstand were replaced by some solid rock 'n' roll.

 We won on one rink, and lost on 3, with our overall score  difference of -21 shots.

But a good time was had by all, with a delicious tea from Sue and Nicki.


Rink 1. John, Viv and David Turnbull: 16-19 

Rink 2. Shirley, Lawrie, and Tim: 16-10 

Rink 3. Colin S, Margaret and Nick: 10-21

 Rink 4. Brian, Julie and Monica; 10-23.


CGBC 52 shots - Brockham 73 shots


Mayford Hall v CGBC - Saturday 19th May

Due to other events, outside of bowling,we were only able to send two triples to this 
match at Mayford Hall. Whilst the match was enjoyed by all , the overall result was a loss by 8 shots. 
We won on one rink and lost on the other:
  • Colin, Gary, Sue   won    18 - 10
  • Patrick, Lynn, Ann  lost   10 – 26
Mayford Hall 36 shots - CGBC 28 shots


CGBC v Holloway Hill - Wednesday 16th May

 Our game was unfortunately timed to coincide with the passage of a windy cold front. Fortunately it was dry.

But by the time we'd played 18 ends it was wonderful to get your hands around a hot cup of tea. 

We lost to Holloway Hill by 75-45, about the same margin as our lost to Wonersh,

 and equivalent to a soccer match score of 2-1, so, far from a great disgrace. 

 We won on just one rink.

Rink 1: , Lawrie Briggs Viv Smith and Nick Hinder: 15-24 

Rink 2: Brian West Gary Draper and  Lynn Smith: 14-13 - winners!

Rink 3: Shirley West, im Sampson and David Turnbull: 8-22

 Rink 4: Colin Summerhayes, Julie Hinde and Monica Turnbull: 8-16

CGBC 45 shots - Holloway Hill 75 shots


CGBC v Wonersh - Wednesday 9th May

On a rather cool Wednesday evening yesterday we managed

 a win over Wonersh by  a margin of 22 shots,

This was followed by an excellent Ploughman's tea provided by Monica and David.

 Each side won 2 rinks. At one point we were well ahead on all 4 rinks, 

but then our opponents began to figure it out.

 Shirley (skip), Lawrie, Joan   17 - 9

Rob  W (skip), David Ta, Sue  16 - 18  

Brian (skip),  Ann, Peter   28 - 8

Colin S (skip), Lynn, Tim  13 - 17


CGBC 74 shots - Wonersh 52shots





Godalming v CGBC - Tuesday 19th June

Another very good side to play and unfortunately we could only manage a draw on one rink, 

losing on the other and the match overall by 10 shots

  Rob Williams (skip), John Reeves, John Phillips        16 - 26         

 Paul Plummer (skip), David Taylor, Brian West       17 - 17


Godalming 43 shots - CGBC 33 shots


CGBC v Woodbridge Hill - Tuesday 12th June

Against one of the strongest teams in the league,

Castle Green managed a good win on one rink but lost on the other.

Woodbridge Hill also won the match overall by 7 shots.

 Rob Williams (skip), 2. John Reeves, 1. John Phillips  CGBC 27 & Woodbridge Hill 17 

 Colin Summerhays (skip), 2. Brian West, 1. Tim Sampson. CGBC 11 & Woodbridge Hill 28

CGBC 38 shots - Woodbridge Hill 45 shots 


Burpham v CGBC - Tuesday 5th June

After leading on both rinks for much of the match, Burpham staged a late recovery

and finished he day winning on both rinks and the match overall.

Rob’s Team        CGBC 13  Burpham 14

Colin’s Team      CGBC 10  Burpham 15


Burpham 29 shots - CGBC 23 shots


CGBC v Merrow - Tuesday 29th May

Another good result, a resounding win for us with both rinks winning 

and claiming 6 points for the match.

          Rink A - Colin, Paul Plummer and Brian   CGBC 23 & Merrow 9.   

Rink B -  Rob W, John R and Lawrie CGBC 28 & Merrow 10

                                     CGBC 51 shots - Merrow 19 shots                                          



CGBC v Ripley - Tuesday 22nd May

Our first match against this new club for the TT league ended with both sides

winning on one rink each and the overall score being equal, the match was drawn.

Rink 1: Colin Summerhayes (skip), John Philips, Brian West 20 - 18. = 2 points 

Rink 2: Paul Plummer (skip), Gary Draper, Lawrie Briggs 14 - 16. = 0 points

 CGBC 34 shots - Ripley 34 shots


Ewhurst v CGBC - Tuesday 15th May

This turned into one of the closest games Castle Green has played.

After being ahead on both rinks for 3/4 of the match, 

Ewhurst staged a late recovery and won the match by a single shot.

Rob W (Skip), Gary Draper, Paul Plummer  17 - 18

Colin Summerhayes (skip), Peter Smith, Brian West  16 - 16

Ewhurst 34 shots - CGBC 33 shots


CGBC v Stoke Park - Tuesday 8th May

The first TT home game of 2018, against a good side from Stoke Park,

ended with Castle Green winning on one rink, losing on the other,

but taking the match overall by eight shots

Rob W (Skip), Gary Draper, Laurie Briggs   12 - 24

Brian West (Skip), Tim Sampson, Paul Plummer  27 - 9

CGBC 39 shots - Stoke Park 31 shots


Albury v CGBC - Tuesday 1st May

A very good start to the season saw both teams from Castle Green

win their respective matches in the away fixture to Albury.

Under the new scoring system thus meant we start with 6 points.

Rob W (Skip), John Reeves, Lawrie Briggs.  22 - 14

Colin Summerhayes (Skip), David Taylor, John Phillips. 27 - 13   

Albury 27 shots - CGBC 49 shots



CGBC v Holloway Hill - Monday 11th June 

A very good home win against the ladies from Holloway Hill - overall difference +7

Jill (skip), Lynn, Sue S  22 - 12
Shirley (skip), Margaret, Julie  13 - 16

CGBC 35 shots - Holloway Hill 28 shots



Seale & Sands v CGBC - Friday 8th June

A good away win at Seale and Sands

Team: Viv, Ann, Margaret and Joan

Seale and Sands 16 shots - CGBC 18 shots

CGBC v Ewhurst - Friday 1st June

Unfortunately another loss for our ladies by just  four shots.

Team: Ann, Sue, Julie and Margaret

CGBC 15 shots - Ewhurst 19 shots 


Burpham v CGBC - Friday 25th May 

First game of the season against a strong team from the home club and
unfortunately our ladies lost this match by 10 shots.

 The CGBC team was : Viv (skip), Sue, Diane, Lynn

Burpham 21 shots - CGBC 11 shots



John Frith Memorial Competition - Sunday 27th May

On a lovely and unexpectedly sunny afternoon, 17 of us enjoyed the delights of bowling for fun. 

With the help of some guests we raised about £78 for the club on this John Frith Memorial day.

 Well done! And thank you to Jonathan for providing the spider prize (as usual, a bottle of some fermented product).


Our rounds of 4 ends then the winner moves up provided the followingscores:

Jill, Tim and Monica: 16-9

John R, and Sue's brother Brian: 21-14

Brian W, Ann L and Nick: 19-28

Colin S, Sue and Jonathan: 11-14

Viv, Julie and David Tu:17-15

Paul, Lawrie and Colin D: 11-15


We had two teams with the same winning margin, 7 points,

 but Jill's team won more ends, so got the Penguin biscuit trophies.

 Brian and his trusty crew got the wooden spoon and kitkats.


Captain v President - Sunday 13th May

This annual game was a men versus the ladies drive with 
a pre-royal wedding theme added.

A really good afternoon was had by all with the men's team 
coming out on top.

The team with the best scores on the day was
one led by Colin Summerhayes with Tim sampson and Peter Smith

(Photos from the day are on the Photo Gallery page)